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About Me

I've been into eclectic photography for over 30 years and still fascinated by the female form. I've mostly used photography to promote my sheet metal business making custom copper fabrication shown on my web site http://copper-by-design.com

I recently acquired a full frame camera: Nikon D810 and invested in some better portable lighting with battery packs. I spend most of my time on-line at Deviant Art, where you can see around 4,000 full resolution copies of my images: http://darrianashoka.deviantart.com/

Glamor photography is more of a hobby or passion of mine, so my time is limited. I love working with friendly reliable models from time to time; such as at group shoots where I can rack off 1,500 shots in just 3 hours shooting several different models, but then I have to spend hundreds of hours processing those images. Over the last 2 decades I have edited well over a million digital images. I mainly use ACDsee Pro 8 for image editing work on a PC.

I love edgier art; wild clothing, make-up, body paint, tattoo, and fetish. I don't think anything (legal) would shock me. "You would not believe the things I've seen with these eyes". I have some classy musical instruments, staffs, costumes, swords, spears, skate boards, and other fun props to use as well.

Model Shoot Policies:
I know all this business talk is no fun, but these details can help make sure this will turn out as you hope, and avoid this becoming an unpleasant experience for you now or later on. Here are some details and policies to consider for a private shoot, which you are not likely to get from most other photographers:

If you are within or going to be in the Portland, Oregon area and are open to setting up a private shoot with me please let me know. You can message me, of even call my cell at (503) 351-7082. I have portable lighting with battery packs, so indoor/outdoor locations shoots are not a problem.

Why I Do This for Free:
As you see from my business web site I have used photography for the last 2 decades to promote my sheet metal work on-line, but it is still more fun to shoot interesting people, which is why I'm not trying to make money off it. I want to keep it fun and not get so swept up with the stress of running a photography business, where there is way too much competition out there. I'd love to see what we could do with some time and an assortment of outfits and hair.

Body Shape:
That's great if you are in good shape, but I do not expect you to be slender. I feel we need to redefine beauty as to what is healthy, yet we seem to have rather unhealthy standard pushed on our youth these days through so many outlets of media.

You are welcome to bring along anyone you want to help out, and also feel comfortable and safe with. It would be unsafe for me to work solo with a model alone, since it would be just my word against her's if there was a claim of impropriety, so I will not be working alone to protect my reputation.

Nude Modeling & Compensation:
If you'd rather keep things rated G that's perfectly fine for just TFP compensation (trade for pics). As you can see I am open to sexy glamour shots, but not looking for any personal contact, so that is not a worry. Sexier modeling should be compensated work. Models typically charge the photographer $50 an hour for implied nudes, and twice as much for full nude work. A lot can depend on your looks, how you are able to pose or move around with little direction, and my needs for your look.

Photos Distribution:
As you may know most modeling releases do not give the model any rights to control how those photos are used. Unlike other photographers I am not looking to sell porn on the net, so other than posting shot here or in my DA profile for their artistic merit they would not be used for anything else. If you were open to posing like that, but did not want them shared on-line I would honor that request, but compensation would be a bit less with that restriction, and I will still share any images with you privately to use as you wish.

My Aim:
During a shoot I want to keep it fun and as pleasant as possible for all involved. I will not be bossing you around, or trying to talk you into taking off your clothes during a shoot, which is why it's best to get a clear understanding before hand. I do not want you to feel any pressure to do more than you are comfortable with, so do not be shy to make this quite clear. I do not want to offend anyone with this.

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29 Dec 15 12:27
Very nice work!
21 Oct 15 04:08
David , I like hoe you lay it out for the model for what to expect. You sound like a very well intended photographer. Your photography is also exceptionally good too! :) Keep up your great works of art. Tommy Dphotoshooter Walker
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