Akella - MitchRoberts123(not on iS. [MM])
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Chiều cao:5'6"
Cân nặng:119 lbs
Số đo 3 vòng:32-26-0 in
Cỡ giày:7.5
Màu tóc:Màu nâu
Chiều dài tóc:Vừa
Màu mắt:Màu nâu đỏ
Sắc tộc :Người Cáp-ca
Màu da:Màu trắng
Kinh nghiệm:Có kinh nghiệm
Lương:Tùy vào công việc
Thông tin
Ngày tham gia:19 Jul 2015
Ngày gần nhất:17 Sep 2018

Về tôi

:) Hello, Akella here, welcome to my profile. I'm Active Duty military and model on the side. My first shoot was in November 2013. I am not here to waste anyone's time. I would love to do other types of diverse modeling and do make it a point to try new things. I am willing to be uncomfortable or climb things for a good shot and actually enjoy the experience and adventure.

As far as compensation, it is open to be discussed.

You can contact me by messaging me on here. After we've messaged to set something up, I will provide my email/ cell number. I am not on my iStudio everyday, but if we've set something up I will be keeping in contact before the shoot to make sure details are lined up and to confirm that we are still doing it.

***If we've set something up but then I haven't received a reply back for days or a day before the shoot, I will assume it is cancelled.

*I am now stationed in San Diego, California. I will visit home in Illinois every now and then, but otherwise, San Diego is my new playing grounds for a bit.

I am also on Model Mayhem (Akella, 3653457 ).

Photos featured in Jefferson Count Art Gallery 2016 and Naughti Gras-2016, 2018

My instagram is AkellaMarieM . As you can see there, I love being on the other side of the camera as well. Taking pictures and editing them myself, and guiding my models through a bit of posing too! I love it, and if anyone in my area is interested in a shoot, you can message me too.

Thank you for viewing, for reading, and thanks to all for the nice comments and tags. :)

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04 Jul 16 15:33
Fantastic port! Love your look!
02 Dec 15 23:50
Lovely look. Look me up if ever you are in New Orleans and want to compliment our architecture with a Nawlins shoot
20 Jul 15 19:18
Welcome! Wishing you all the best.
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