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I have been modeling for about six years now, modeling and designing is pretty much all I want to do as a set Career. I love the art models and photographers creates in there portfolio, Modeling is and always will be something that I know I'm going to be very successful for a very long time doing. With the support of my children my modeling career is destin for success and what I do best. I don't do nude photos, and I only work with photographers with talent. I have a lot of talent that I'm not trying to waste. I am very energetic and active when it comes down to modeling. I'm hoping to get connected with professional inspirational photographers who sees my potential and my skill.


11 Jul 15 16:51
Check your inbox THANKS
30 May 15 20:09
Nice port! Would love to see more from you.
27 May 15 17:55
Thanks for the add Ericka :)
27 May 15 14:27
Sexy work!
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