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Ngày tham gia:25 Jul 2014
Ngày gần nhất:24 May 2015

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Photography is my hobby and I do mostly potraits, beauty and fashion. Shooting photos that the are recognized and appreciated by the model is teamwork effort. To create great pictures and to make the light correct for the situation and person are highest priorities. I prefer to take shots that require a minimum of post processing and editing and I prefer simple studio environment but also outdoor and natural light.
My photogear is based on a Nikon D3x
Looking forward to work with new and experienced models and other photographers.

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16 Apr 15 08:52
Thank you for an amazing shoot yesterday. I enjoyed this shoot much more than many others I've done previously. You are an excellent photographer and I look forward to being in front of your lens again.
06 Nov 14 15:48
Nice :)) <3
09 Sep 14 23:51
28 Jul 14 13:16
Lovely work!
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