SCMFotografia - Francisca Aguirre
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Ngày tham gia:18 Sep 2012
Ngày gần nhất:28 Feb 2014

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I am a 47 years old Costa Rican amateur photographer that began by accident in the world of photography. At this point in my life I really enjoy the freedom and excitement that I find every time I take my camera and shoot photographs. I am very interested in portrait, glamour and nude photography, but photos that bares the soul are those that most interests me ...
Now I have reached the stage where I want to let my art flow and open myself to the world. I'm not interested in photography as a business, I just want to feel free and enjoy the pleasure of creating images.

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francisca aguirre IS#2720540


12 Sep 14 22:54
Beautiful work!
22 Dec 12 17:33
Gracias por tu comentario.
23 Sep 12 00:39
Thank you for your wonderful comments Veronika Ashley
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