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Ngày tham gia:13 Mar 2012
Ngày gần nhất:5 Feb 2018

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Hi, I'm David. Amateur photographer and appreciator of feminine and sensual beauty. I had to uplaod 4 photos fast to get my profile activated but hopefully I can add some more as I develop my portfolio for viewing and appreciating here. I hope to work with some of the nice models here on assignments and find some new models who would like to help me capture their art for our appreciation as well as for this community. If I find my work is very much liked, I may decide to turn professional! Lets see :-) Thanks for visiting


12 Jan 13 00:52
Thanks for your photo comments! And welcome o iStudio :) Danna is great. You should try to meet up with her if you can! Find her on http://istudio.com/32571 God luck! Martin
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