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I've been an avid photographer for over 20 years. Although I shoot entirely in digital, I still use 35/120mm wet film when the muse presents itself. I'm experienced in travel, photojournalism and portrait photography, but found some new freedoms in fashion. I'm extremely open to new ideas and openly welcome new concepts and themed shoots. I thrive on creativity and will do whatever it takes to get the right image. My equipment allows for for studio or on location shoots.

I consider myself an experienced amateur, since this is not my profession and sole source of income. But if your interested in working with me, I'm patient, flexible, fun and easy to work with- and above all, professional. I only ask that I am extended the same courtesy.

I'm looking to create both BW and vibrant color images with an artstic edge. If you have questions or are interested in working with me, feel free to send me an email. TFP/TFCD work is fine as long as it benefits us both. Im still pretty new in the Washington area so MUA's are an added bonus.


Thanks for viewing my profile! Please comment! Your encouragement and/or constructive criticism is welcome.
I will do the same!

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19 Jan 11 23:32
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