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A few people didn't understand about digital imagination, they always use the conventional tools.. Me/people like me do a digital imaging to make some concepts works & realize.. so don't underrate/despise with our capability..

Even Im not photographer, I do a photograph too, 2 semester learn much more & understand basic photograph and photo studio in campus.


16 Sep 12 22:37
Thanks for add, Visit my Page : www.facebook.com/cindy.devina.fans Cheers
05 Sep 12 01:03
I like your photos
23 Nov 11 00:43
13 Nov 11 05:30
Hey Dunie thanks for the comment on my pic I like that one alot too :)
06 Nov 11 08:54
Thankz 4 FR....Lovely U PORT Too.....:)
05 Jun 11 22:28
Hey Dunie thanks for the friend request. Nice work Rach :)
21 Apr 11 16:12
Very nice work!!
20 Apr 11 13:25
Thanks for the love. Stop by and heat up out pages anytime. Over 8 million readers worldwide and growing! And visit us on Twitter, and also Model Mayhem.
14 Apr 11 14:34
Nice work!
11 Apr 11 05:11
ta fo da FR buddy
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