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Making images a that are striking a different are my goals.

I try to have fun at each shoot. I like to do action shots.

Images are never just the creation of just one person but the collaboration of all involved.

I like to work with creative people to come up with striking ideas. I am open to most ideas with some exceptions if it shows people mentally abused.

Just got back from shooting dancers in Phoenix and Chicago.

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08 Dec 14 03:46
Will be in Eugene soon
10 Apr 14 14:30
Great port!
13 Apr 13 01:18
Thank you for your kind words!! To any models interested in working with Lorn, DO IT. He's not only a fantastic photographer, but also gives great advice to working and aspiring models. Not a photographer any model should pass up the opportunity to meet.
18 Jul 11 14:38
Thank you for the Tag Lorin! You are very knowledgable and I hope that we can find a day for a photo shoot this summer.
18 May 11 00:44
Thank you very much Lorin :)
03 Mar 11 10:01
Thank you so much for the picture comment!!!
03 Mar 11 03:09
Thank you,awesome work :-)
25 Sep 10 13:22
Thanks for the list. Dave
02 Sep 10 12:12
I really like your port
01 Sep 10 07:10
thanks for the luv!!!
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