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Cân nặng:124 lbs
Màu tóc:Màu đỏ hoe
Chiều dài tóc:Ngắn
Màu mắt:Màu nâu
Sắc tộc :Người Mỹ gốc Phi
Màu da:Màu nâu
Kinh nghiệm:Mới vào nghề
Lương:Bất kỳ
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Ngày tham gia:24 Aug 2010
Ngày gần nhất:31 May 2014

Về tôi

Hi my name is Ashley Sanchez and I am currently 21 years old and I am looking to expand and build a great and aspiring portfolio. I wanted to persue modeling since I was kid but never really got serious about it until I got in High School my 9th grade year. When I want something I put my mind to it and go for it. So this is exactly what I am doing. I want to be out there in the Industry and will do what it takes. I am looking forward to working with some great people and willing to relocate as well if it is for a good reason. I want to open up many doors and hope iStudio will do that for me. I am a great model to work with. I love to take pictures and I love the camera. So thank you and hope to fullfill every aspect in this journey and hope you can be in this new chapter of my LIFE!!!

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31 Mar 12 01:26
Hello how are you? Im a web Designer and im trying to build up my portfolio for model websites. If you want me to design you a free site just send me a message or email me at to talk further thanks!
20 Aug 11 13:41
Hey Beautiful Ms Sanchez, Thanks for the friend request gorgeous! Nice port.....I love your look, Keep doin it up and I hope to work with you in the very near future. Much love, respect, support and success Genius
06 Jan 11 02:28
great start with your images in your portfolio.. at least till you have my images :).. if your looking to expand your portfolio or even do a shoot for magazine submissions, check out my work and let me know..:)
16 Sep 10 10:03
when are you due, also connect to me on facebook ok
24 Aug 10 21:08
Hello and welcome to istudio!
24 Aug 10 15:20
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome. Please let me know if you're ever in need of professional photo retouching
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