Ms Atlas
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Chiều cao:5'3"
Cân nặng:138 lbs
Cỡ giày:7.5
Màu tóc:Khác
Chiều dài tóc:Dài
Màu mắt:Màu xanh nước biển
Sắc tộc :Người Cáp-ca
Màu da:Màu trắng
Kinh nghiệm:Mới vào nghề
Lương:Bất kỳ
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Ngày tham gia:23 Sep 2009
Ngày gần nhất:22 Feb 2010

Về tôi

I am 21 years old, living in Ca, and I love it. You will come to find that I love photography, I love to take pictures, but I also enjoy every minute being in front of the camera!

I am working on building my portfolio, looking to make a better experience than what it has been. I like to compare myself to Alice in Wonderland for I am constantly falling through the rabbit hole, because my curiosity to try new things is never ending. I am not flakey or irrisponsible, I will always be on time for this as one of my many passions and I take this very serious to heart. You will color my world as I will color yours. Doll me up and give me a studio of any sort, you'll never know what your gonna get.

Right now I like,

Themed shoots(race cars, alice in wonderland, anything fun or awesome!!! I'd love to know your ideas.)
Anything to do with Fantasy
Vintage/ retro/ artistic
Beach shoots
and anything fashion related
Classic beauty
partly nude is okay, but I'm not into anything "porno-ish"
I want to keep my work classy & sexy.
I am just very open minded and will work with whatever idea you have!

Tattoos, dancing, singing, and even writing my own songs and books are my passions.

My body Art: I have one tattoo of a small red rose on my lower hip and i plan to get more else where. My belly button, nose, and ears are also pierced.

I come from a very creative family, and well, this is me exploring and seeing what happens :)

Tín chỉ

I'd love to see MORE credits :)

-Photographers I've Worked with-

MSlygh #1446
Venerable Photography #(not on mayhem)
HBP #127563
Glamour by Chuck #11240

I want someone to make me look good, look different- stand out. I am not a twiggie little thing, I have curves, volume and lots of energy. You'll hardly ever hear me whine--if ever.

I love to try new things. If you would like to have a shoot with me, know first and foremost that i will always bring an escort with me to the shoots

Looking for anyone that would like to do TFP/TFCD right now and then maybe later on work for cash.


18 Oct 09 01:31
thanks ms atlas. hopefully one day we can get to shoot. keep doing it big
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