Krista Reischl - Herlife Magazine May 2013
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Вес:125 lbs
Параметры:33-24-34 in
Размер обуви:9
Цвет волос:Шатенк(ка)
Длинна волос:Длинные
Цвет глаз:голубые
Национальность :Кавказский
цвет кожи:Белая
Опыт работы:Есть опыт
Компенсация:взависимости от работы
Вступить:23 Apr 2009
Последние:9 May 2013

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27 Feb 14 18:39
Female models for a photo shoot. Shoot March 17, 2014. Will cost $150. Hampton Inn & Suites, Poughkeepsie, NY. 10-15 looks. Between 11am – 4pm. contact me at:; subject: Photographer looking for Model.
12 Nov 11 07:07
My compliment for your great port, you can check my links and if find anything of your interest can be of any help for you for extra opportunity do no hesitate to contact me. - - Request me on FB. Sincerely
14 Aug 11 15:45
Very your port!!
20 May 10 00:13
Awesome work! Since OMP bought out Istudio and they might close this site down check out its free and offers 100 photo space!
11 Mar 10 01:51
Beautiful pictures!!!! We‘re looking for Models to go to metropolises like Paris, Milano, Shanghai, Dubai, New York etc. If you are interested, then you should come in touch with us.
12 Dec 09 00:59
Outstanding port Krista! If you are interested in contributing to our magazine, feel free to message me: Mike
11 Oct 09 05:14
love your work
01 Oct 09 05:04
Hi Krista, thanks for accepting my FR. Nice of you. Nice port, nice images, full of diversity & creativity. You're beautiful. Good job! Wish you joy, fun & bless in life. :) **** Fly To The Rainbow**** ;)
22 Sep 09 22:40
amazing portfolio, so natural, hope to work with you when a project comes up..cheers
08 Jul 09 19:18
Outstanding port!
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