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Fox. 25. Using both film/digital cameras.

Looking for models/MUA's/stylists who are willing to do TFP/CD to build each others portfolios (No one under 18, please). I'm working with a female MUA in the So Cal area (though their availability is currently limited to weekends), and am willing to travel for a shoot.

I am open to all genres at the moment as I'd like to build a portfolio, though I am mostly interested in shooting alternative models, and creating some dynamic images beyond "just looking sexy."

Escorts are welcome as long as they do not distract too much from the shoot. If you need any special accommodations, let me know, as I do want to provide a safe and relaxed environment to avoid ruining a shoot with the model being nervous. I'm not dumb, I realize a lot of photographers here mistake MM for a dating website; I don't, as I actually want to profit off my photography in the future, and being a creep is bad for business.

Digital Photos will usually be emailed to you via dropbox link in 1-2 weeks.
Film photos will be scanned/uploaded to you via dropbox link in 4-6 weeks.

I'm also looking to work with MUA's, stylists, assistants; if there is anyone out there who would like to get some experience, have their work photographed, etc, feel free to shoot me a message and we can hopefully build a team!

If any models/MUAs/stylists would like to build their port for MM, or simply prefer emailing me directly, you can do so at: consafosphotography@outlook.com. Please be aware, due to issues with models flaking out, I will cancel a shoot if I do not hear from you a week prior to the shooting date.


11 Jul 15 12:38
I love your work. Great images!
30 May 15 20:13
Nice work! Would love to see more from you.
22 May 15 14:54
Beautiful work!
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