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I originally started out as a model in my teens and began doing many of my fellow models hair and makeup at shoots. I studied Cosmetology to do Hair and nails when I was 18. I focused on nails until I decided I would rather focus on makeup. Eventually I became certified in Beauty makeup. I always had more of a knack for and interest in doing Fantasy makeup or in developing creative ideas for creatures so I began to dabble in special FX. Eventually I decided to get certified in that field as well which is what I am currently doing. I'm very much interested in anything creepy which is why I love it so much. I do everything from Bridal to Halloween and horror.

I'm here to offer my services for Photo shoots, Weddings, or special Events. Please inquire about my rates by telling me about yourself and your project. Please include potential dates you are inquiring about.

I also offer Face painting for children's parties and if you would like a Clown for a Birthday party or other event you may inquire about that also.

Apart from being a makeup artist I am also a musician. I'm a singer/songwriter. I have been in many bands playing from hard rock and metal to contemporary rock and folk. I have a lot of voice-over experience so my voice is one of my assets for sure. Most importantly, I love it.

The art I produce is not limited to these things. I design and create art pieces that start with me doing a models makeup and taking photos. I take the photo and create something custom involving mixed medias such as painting, digital art, and other things that I'll keep a secret for now. I have made one for one of my models. I'll post a sample soon along with pages where you can check out some of my art.

I am available for band shoots and short horror films and I also do student projects. Send me the details.


Versatile Fashions Catalog model and makeup (Pin up / fetish Couture)
Sobaire Photography shoot with Bryan Schroat (Fantasy makeup)
Halloween Events 2005-2014 (Fantasy, & horror makeup)
ComX promo for ComX models / ads & website (Beauty makeup)
Independent Short film promo shoot for S.N. (horror)
Halloween haunt Panic Mountain October 2015 -spfx lead makeup

Who I worked with and what I did..
Bryan Schroat of Sobaire Photography - makeup
John Nelson Photographer - makeup and model
Jonathan G. photographer - makeup and model
Sterling Rose /model - makeup + makeup and Photography
Dani Novaszski / model - makeup + photography
Sabrina Borgese / model - makeup + photography
Beverly Walker / Halloween event makeup 2014
Emily Cross / Halloween event makeup 2014
Heather Murphy / model - makeup


15 Mar 15 07:47
Thanks for the FR. Nice work.
13 Mar 15 16:00
Very cool port!
13 Mar 15 13:00
You do great work!
13 Mar 15 05:47
Hi thank you for the add. You've got a beautiful portfolio, keep it up and all the best Cheers VY
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