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Вес:130 lbs
Параметры:36-29-36 in
Размер обуви:9
Цвет волос:Блондин(ка)
Длинна волос:Средней длины
Цвет глаз:зеленые
цвет кожи:Белая
Опыт работы:Небольшой опыт
Компенсация:взависимости от работы
Вступить:19 Feb 2015
Последние:2 Jul 2015

О себе

I love all forms of art and to me; modeling is a form of art. We can uniquely create and express it making it personal to each of us and the audience. I had the chance when I was younger but I lacked the confidence within myself to pursue it and my understanding of modeling back then was a lot different than the way I know it to be now. I am a very ambitious lady who works very hard at everything I do. I’m in love with unique and I am in love with art. If I am the right girl for your beautiful and unique creation let me know.


18 Apr 16 22:11
You have a very good portfolio and I have to say that I am a new fan of your work!
17 Mar 15 18:41
Welcome Angela, Great port hoping to create some magic with you. 3M
13 Mar 15 19:25
Nice portfolio. Good look.
04 Mar 15 08:43
Looking forward to collaborate with you. Let me know when you will be around the area to work something out. Thank you!
01 Mar 15 10:45
Marvelous work, can't wait to see more!
27 Feb 15 18:16
You're right, modeling is a form of art, just as photography, drawing or painting. I hope you stay with it. Mark
26 Feb 15 20:19
Thank you for your FR. Your port is amazing. Would love to do a photo shoot with you if distance wasn't a problem.
25 Feb 15 18:27
Thanks for the add Angela! Love your port! Incredible!!!!
22 Feb 15 17:32
Great port! Keep up the good work.
19 Feb 15 14:58
Nice work!
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