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О себе

"If dreams are for people who are still asleep & life's for those of us who are awake, while living your life, you might as well make your dreams come true." Lieutenant Norals IV.

SO what is Blu Tint Photography?
I'm an independent professional photographer whose work has been on display in museums. A man who ask only that people don't prejudge me without giving me a fair shake, a young man who displays great character and professionalism while producing high quality work for his clients. I provide reasonably priced personalized imagery but not cheap work, because my clients deserve the best. I am an accredited professional photographer who captures product shots, decor, fashion photography, look books, interiors, architectural images, model portfolios just to name a few....
In short I have more than just a great eye, I'm Bonofied.


Lieutenant Norals IV owner of Blu Tint Photography


17 Dec 14 02:24
Great port!
16 Dec 14 13:22
Nice work!
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