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Вес:100 lbs
Параметры:34-22-34 in
Цвет волос:Рыжый(ая)
Длинна волос:По плечи
Цвет глаз:голубые
Национальность :Кавказский
цвет кожи:Белая
Опыт работы:Небольшой опыт
Вступить:17 Jun 2014
Последние:6 Dec 2017

О себе

I am by profession a Hair Stylist with Make Up Artist experience. I attended modeling school right out of High School, but chose not to pursue a modeling career.
I did however start what has become a ten year working relationship with a local Photographer as his Muse (his term not mine).
I truly enjoy being part of the creative process.

I have joined IStudio to get comments and input on my work and to find interesting projects. As I own and run a Salon my time is limited, but will carefully consider offers.


19 Sep 14 20:21
Very nice port. Nice variety, very classy. Looking forward to seeing future images.
10 Sep 14 02:32
Beautiful port!
08 Jul 14 18:34
Gorgeous work!
07 Jul 14 00:46
Absolutely stunning. We should make something happen soon together!!
21 Jun 14 12:25
Beautiful Portfolio, welcome to the site!
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