Frank Plaayer - Crystal workin' out
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Вступить:11 Mar 2014
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О себе

I am a photographer and a professional gambler (sports betting). I enjoy shooting in hotels, on the street, and in natural settings. I'm not a studio guy.

I don't care about your height, weight, color, cup size or shoe size. I do care about your smile; I enjoy positive, optimistic people that want to have fun. I'll be shooting a lot now, as I've made a name for myself in the sports betting world and have done well as a photographer/videographer. I forgot: I don't photoshop and I only use soft boxes or 'Gaussian Blur" type stuff. I like to rock.

You need the confidence to cut your own deals. I don't mess with agents, escorts, or email back-n-forth. No drama. If you don't call your own shots, I'm not for you. If you need an escort, I'm not for you.


11 Apr 14 18:33
Great port!
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