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О себе

I am a photographer that is starting to transition from items to people. I am looking to shoot every dayto OMG, so implied nudity is not required I will not impend on your limits . If you would like to have a friend, cool. They can watch but stay to the side. Your face is not required but I would rather be able to. Now the business end:

Payment is done a few ways:

1) for pay.... I will make sure you have the 100% shoot in RAW format within 24 hrs. Within 72 I will send on any edited pictures. Please keep your email current . I have gone back and re edited pictures 3,4 5 months later and have had them bounced back. Any edits I will send on to you. I have full use and so do you.

2) I pay You, Well I need to know your rate, experience, ECT. If I pay you, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO THE PHOTOS. You will sign a release to this a copy of your ID needs to be provided BY YOU at that time. If I like and get along with you hell I will Share

3) You pay Me.... Simply put, I give you in RAW format, EVERY disk that come out of my camera. I do a simple rate. My charge is $50.00 an hour, If you buy the disk. If I buy the disk ad on 5 to 15 depending on the disk size.

If you would like a friend to be present, which is enjoyable, PLEASE ask that friend to stay to the side and be Respectful.



Sania Hyatt

Such a pleasure to work with!!! Awesome personality.


18 Sep 14 12:47
You’re invite to be part of the FB group of: New York Photographic Equipment: Buy & Sell
01 Sep 14 20:49
Welcome! Wishing you all the best.
12 Aug 14 17:16
Nice work!
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