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Help Bailout Greece, Buy Greek Blonds. Rhodes Scholar Kristina (very knowledgeable tour guide) dismayed at the state of affairs in her beautiful homeland has offered to bare it all in an attempt to arouse interest around the world as her contribution to paying down Greek debt. So buy Greek Blonds: Set of Three for $99.99. All proceeds over 100,000 Euros will go to the Greek Treasury to help orphans, widows, handicapped and pensioners who are in need of more assistance during the Greek crisis.

Looking for models to help protest global warming at our end of summer labor day outdoor garden party in an exclusive neighborhood of million dollar homes. Models don't have to participate in the nude, but you may feel out of place clothed and, hey, nudes news is good news which is what we are trying to do to make the world a better place to live in.

To protest global warming (it has been a hot summer) our normally shy group of yoga models have chosen to do an outdoor yoga class in the nude.

Our annual garden party was a big success. However I was shocked when the girls took off all their clothes to mingle. It may have been the heat or perhaps the home made mulberry wine. However I was not so shocked as to fail to have a camera ready. Unfortunately the photos were deleted here by some unknown hand of censorship, but you can see them at MM.

I have decided to change my profile name from Fashion & Flash to Fashion & Flesh as it has been a hot summer and fashion seems pretty informal for the moment. This may not be a permanent change.

I hightly recommend Abe's ptodgraphic work which wil preseret models in the most attratice matter for pubuliucation and perfessional photow works.
(Lida Varlesoka, etior, Sat. Eve. Post)

I have worked in a variety of locations and environments primarily with students, young professionals, Olympic athletes, lawyers, teachers, political aides, and others who would not normally be associated with modeling.
Fortunately I have occasionally come across those stunning beauties hidden away in out-of-the way places who will never walk the runways in New York or become celebrated Hollywood beauties that make headlines in the popular press with their wild personal lives that fascinate tabloid readers. I have found that these young ladies eager and willing to "try modeling" just for the excitement of something different.

All models shown new to modeling at the time of these shoots(one exception) and not on any modeling ports prior to these shoots (and few after these shoots).



22 Feb 15 17:36
Nice port! Keep up the good work.
15 Jan 14 11:47
Brilliant port! Best of luck to you :)
09 Jan 13 14:17
nice work
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