О себе

I stopped mainstream commercial work but still shoot on an individual basis!

I started working in the industry, years ago as a photo-journalist then in Europe as a young man,

Fast forward 40 years-

I've lived in Germany for 20+ years- been an Army war correspondent and marketing manager - directed - managed and even soldiered for 35-40 years! I am now semi retired just doing odd jobs.

"....Fashion, - Art, Travel, Editorial, Product, -Beauty and fine art. Social Media and Product
Body parts; lingerie and Cars;


"BILL-SHOOTS-PEOPLE " (or -" i-Photographer.de")

Fine Art-/People Photographer

- 'Social Media '
- ' Editorial and Product Photography'
- 'Travel & Marketing Publicist -

email@ "billshootspepple@me.com"


-For past and references; or if you need a detailed listing of print credits -contact me:-'

Chief Cameraman, Broadcasting Chief, Newcasts Director, and military public affairs Chief, to Print to TV, personality pieces, model reps, ;-

My years in print photography; Accredited with two Press Agencies; credited with over a hundred International publishers; -( German, Japanese, Korean, Kwwait, Iraqi, British Magazines; California, American Newspapers and websites; - as well as Trade Publications; Travel Guides; and over 200 Postcard and Product Brochures; Social Media;

- Decades Experience in; -
- Promotional Product Video & Still Photography.
- Directing and Managing a Photo Ad Agency Europe/Germany
- Section Chief Army with the Public Affairs and Joint Operations Experience (Enlisted)
- Studio and Director of Media Operations

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08 Feb 16 15:52
Ich bin aus Steyr in Oberösterreich. Liebe Grüße!
28 Jan 16 13:18
I absolutely love what you say in your text. So much truth in it. Und wir können uns gerne treffen, wenn du in Österreich bist. Servus!
09 Feb 15 10:21
Great work!!! That is an awesome capture of the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point!!! Make every day an awesome creative day!!!
13 Nov 14 23:26
I'm 100% polish :)
11 Oct 14 02:44
Thank you for nice comment. I enjoy your portfolio.
29 Aug 14 15:50
Thanks for the well wishes. I'm soon to be back in it. I enjoyed looking at your work. It' very good.
01 Apr 14 12:56
Beautiful port!
18 Nov 13 06:46
Great work
24 Mar 11 12:12
28 Years in the Special Operations Force (Air Force) -- when I retired, I decided to incorporate as S O F Action, Inc. And you? Active Reservist. What branch? Thanks in advance for your service.
16 Mar 11 20:27
The Model's Name is . . . . "C-Fresh"
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