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Вступить:10 May 2010
Последние:12 May 2010

О себе

Imperfection is beauty madness is genius and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring- Marilyn Monroe ♥ ♥

Hello lovers! A bit about me!

I have many talents, some I have not even discovered yet! With time and working with talented people, I am sure they will surface.

I am a licensed hair stylist, makeup artist, body painter, model, singer, and photographer. The hair styling and makeup is my profession. I own and operate a salon and will give models special rates for hair and makeup.

I am a very experienced model and singer and they are my passion. I am willing to model (and maybe sing a song or two) for trade with talented photographers with creative concepts. I will do implied with select photographers who I have worked with before.

After many years of being in front of the camera, last year I started photography and it became a second love for me. I realize the importance of retouching to create beautiful work, I use Photoshop and have a collection of useful add-ons.

Everything you see on my port was created by me, including concepts, themes and wardrobes. I’m a perfectionist and strive to achieve quality in every shot.

I’m looking for great photographers to collaborate with , I have many ideas I’m an artist and a very creative one.

The name is Kenlly Bolanos learn it, live it ,love it !