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Media and Model photography is all about taking photos to complement or tell a story. It can be a tough field. Getting the right picture or capturing the momentum of a breaking news event can be close to impossible, but when a talented photographer manages to capture a great shot - it can become the defining image of an event. Media Coverage, Fashion, Runways, sports, Photojournalism and News, requires talent, skills and discipline.

We are an experienced Media | Models photographers and photo retouchers with a passion for music, concerts, models, fashion and the art that lies within. The colors of a photo, the shape of a dancer, the intensity of a musical beat, lights and energy of the scenario. The walk, the passion and sensuality of a model.

We all express our selves by different ways, and ours is captured with our camera.



07 Feb 14 17:33
Awesome port! Best of luck :)
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