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If you're looking to build or edge out your portfolio, ok, I can help!

My rates are simple and they apply to all models~
$250 and this includes an MUA/H as well as studio
$100 deposit to hold your date

To misquote a friend and and damn fine photographer~ If you dont want to invest in yourself, then why should I invest my time by getting you dolled up and treat you as a Barbie and pose you for four plus hours? To be a model, you must first learn to model, not just follow direction. Good news is, I do teach you as we go.

I do not count outfits, or shots taken.
We will shoot for approx 4 hours once your hair/makeup is ready
We shoot location and studio.
I shoot rain or shine
We shoot your comfort level as it pertains to nudes.
You are allowed to bring ONE escort with you and I dont care who it is but you are responsible for their conduct. They interfere and I will guarantee a bad shoot and I will not issue any credit back.
You will have your entire shoot available by the next day

I've been shooting for a number of years. I am at the point to where what you see of my work is pretty much straight out of the camera. I do not own PS. I tweak a little here and there and thats it. So if you NEED someone to Photoshop you, then I'm not your guy. No I will not tuck your tummy. No I will not remove your hickies, no I will not take care of your baggy eyes.

I'm not here to waste your time or to have mine wasted. If you're serious about setting up a shoot, PM me on here with your cell and a good time to call and lets get the ball rolling. If you have any questions, just ask.

Take Care



Too many to list. I can get you references (as many as you like)


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Gorgeous port!
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