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About Me

DearlyDreadedDolls was made In August 2008. It is a Professional Modeling Group/Agency.
It was created on Myspace then was brought to & now based on Facebook.
It was shut down due to inactivity from models & from the owner. Personal reasons.
It was made for the promotion of Models of every kind of style. Race, Height, Weight, Age, isn't of concern.

The owner of DearlyDreadedDolls is also a model known as PiercedxBarbie

This isn't an ordinary group & I take my group seriously.
I don't expect my models to be active because they have a life but once in a while would be fine.

I do hand pick my own models. I'm not interested in one style.
The most I want is 30-40 models or less maybe.
I want to be able to promote all my models as much as I can.

Yes you can model for other groups, I don't mind. This isn't a Site Modeling group. If you're not serious about modeling, you're wasting my time.

I don't need models to make my group well known or to make a name for myself.
It took me a while to make a name for myself which is why I made a group to help others make a name for themself in less time than I did.

I have a huge passion for creativity & photography which is another reason I made the group.
I don't talk to any of my models in any sexual or inappropriate way.

We are thriving to be the next Suicide Girls, GodsGirls, Dollhouse, & much more without the nudity & with guys.


14 Dec 11 02:50
WOW!!!! Love your port, its AWESOME!!!!
13 Dec 11 01:35
Welcome to iStudio.
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