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Well, I'm a photographer, I shoot people and things. My name is Rafal, I do have a studio in Walkers Point neighborhood but Shooting outside thrills me the most. Everything inspires me. If you ever wonder if I'm staring at you, I'm not, I'm studying you. I am in love with the light and how it leaves it's impression on silver halide or in this day and age on a CCD.
Am I easy going? Oh yeah, ask anyone I worked with. When I shoot, it's not about you, it's not about me, it's about us. Yes, I do edit the images unless you tell me not to. I do it because you trust me to make you look magical and that's what I strive for. I do not differentiate between a fashion shot and a family photo, I approach all the projects with the same love, remember, it's about us, it's about the magic in the end.
I admire many other photographers, I have no ego. I am not the best, I am not the worst. I am me and my style is what I offer you. Every session is a big deal to me. Every session brings something new and unexpected and I welcome that. Challenges motivate me. Impossibilities empower me. Things that don't kill me only make me stronger. I am a photographer, the world is my playground.

*about TF*. Yes, I do those like once or twice per year and mainly with my model friends or models I worked with before. I do have a family to feed so if you're asking me to shoot with you, I am assuming that you're willing to pay for my services.

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I am the new official photographer for 102.9 The HOG, Rockstar Girl. Follow this link to learn more about it


I used to have my credits listed but came to realize that just because I shot so and so and this and that, really lends me no credibility. Yes, I have been published, had my work seen on a national and local level, worked with known people, but it truly is about us and not me and them when you step in front of the camera.


15 Nov 09 11:56
about time you signed on and add me :)
23 Sep 09 18:25
Thank you very much
14 Sep 09 20:57
Welcome and excellent work!!
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