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Austin Texas based photographer.
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Frequent travel to Alabama, Florida
Wander where you will. Find what you find. Keep the worthy friends, the others won't mind. Wear your spirit openly and never learn to lie. There's much good to do here before we say goodbye.

NUDITY: I do NOT shoot nude! Please do not ask! I always remain fully clothed. I will have an escort at all my shoots for my protection! Okay, of course I'm being a smart ass, but hey, these sites are structured the way they are so you can CHECK REFERENCES before you decide to work with someone. Take the time to do your homework and check people out before you take the easy way out. Some of us professionals who have worked very hard for years to earn good reputations in our industry might be offended by the implication that we cannot be trusted. Think about it.

Seriously, although you may see artistic nudes on my portfolio from time to time (well, okay, most of the time please know that posing nude is never a requirement for working with me. I've never asked a model to pose nude, but having said that, I'm always honored and flattered by the trust placed in me by those who come to me for this type of work.

TFP: Occasionally, I do TFP/TFCD work with exceptional models. I'm a professional photographer, and I DO get paid for my work. If all of my work was free, then there would be no studio, lights, editing or printing equipment... well.. no SouthBound. Be realistic. Look at my work and if you think your look and my skills would add to the diversity and quality of both of our books, please contact me. Otherwise, my rates are more reasonable than you might think

OKAY OKAY! So by popular demand I'll be posting some of the more erotic/alternative/fetish/fun stuff on here. Check back often!

Art is subjective. So why are there so many experts? Do you really need someone to tell you what is beautiful? Is the 80 year old Native American man, bent and wrinkled with age as beautiful as the perfectly formed nude female? No, if all you see is the physical. But look closer. See the character, the honor, the integrity, the wisdom. See the humor in his eyes because he knows things you don't. See the pain he conquered. Now capture all THAT with your camera and tell me which image brings a tear to your eye. If it touches you, it is art.

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OOPS! Guess this means something else

OMP Featured Photographer November 2005
First Place in the OMP Artistic Nude Photographer competition 2007 (and yes, I did keep my clothes on!)
... and a few other things