About Me

I am interested in all sort of female portrait work, casual, fashion, swimsuit, glamour, figure, artistic nude, etc.

A group of photographers having regular gathering in Hong Kong is always looking for different models with various styles. Please contact me if you come to Hong Kong. I am happy to organize photo shooting events for you.

Models from different countries I worked with so far: Australia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, U. K., USA, and Venezuela. I like to work with different people :-)


MM Models I have worked with:
Amber Sulligan #67773
Andrea H L #1062445
Brigite Amaral #113284
Eleizette Burce #1218751
Erika V #668762
Eva F #678332
Fiona Ng #1115540
Felisa Hsieh #1031947
Iveta Niklova #467982
J M Wills #507737
Katerina Lafita #1125872 (VERY UNPROFESSIONAL)
KellySR #686873
Lilan Suzuki #755985
Lyss Valencia #199975
Melody Rose #1358717
Shelly Radley #69323
Sheri C #1024455
Sofie Garrucho #269384
Ulorin Vex #2178
Zalikha #10646446
Zan McFarish #1271125
Zuikene #1004542

Alana Valero
Helen Leigh
Crystal Kam
Lindsay McComb (net-model)
Natalia (net-model)
Yessi Ng

MUA worked with:
Charles Wong #1325638
Lily Lin #549868
Cynthia Chu
Thomas Ma

Strongly NOT recommended: Katerina Lafita #1125872

First shooting -- Feb. 20, 2010
Suddenly she told me to shorten the shooting from 6 to 4 hours.

Second shooting -- April 6, 2010
Originally we planned to have 2 shooting sessions, 7-10am and 11-2pm.

On April 4 she told me that she was not feeling well. She wanted to cancel the first session. Ok. I accepted that.

At 7:30am of April 6 she told me by sms that she could not make the shooting at 11am because she had to look for an apartment to move. Firstly, wasn't she feeling unwell? Secondly, why she chose the day she had received a job to look for an apartment?

She "asked" me to change the shooting in the afternoon. Did I have a choice when everything was ready? I had already booked and paid for renting a hotel room for the shooting.

Ok. the shooting was changed to afternoon as she requested. I called her many times in the morning but she did not answer the phone. Then at 1:15pm she sent me a sms that she could not come for the shooting in the afternoon because she had to move! So I had to call up all shooters to cancel the shooting.



14 Mar 12 14:56
you works are great!! very original and inspiring!! tx martin
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