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About Me

I'm now embracing a new approach to photography that I'm calling the F.I.L.S. Method. So, Fuck It, Let's Shoot.

Note: If I leave you a comment on a photo or on your profile, I did so because I like your profile or I think the photo is good. I have no desire to "trade for comments." If I really believed this were a popularity contest, I would fill my portfolio with nothing but my studio nude or fetish work. Don't add me as a friend just so you have more friends. If I have worked with you, if I want to work with you, if you want to work with me, or if you are carrying my love child, go ahead and add me as a friend. Otherwise, well, your request will go ignored.

I am a well-rounded, full-time professional photographer, but I would prefer to avoid the de-facto standard of my beach location. I strive to create images beyond the "cute girl in a bikini in the surf" genre. There are many other photographers in my area that specialize in that, and if that is what you are looking for, I would encourage you to seek them out. I would prefer to find the location that matches the model, or the model that matches the location; I despise the idea of a forced shoot for convenience. I look forward to any model searching for a shoot that may be considered "edgy" or "non-traditional."

I have a wealth of locations available, ranging from a closed studio to industrial settings. Depending on the restrictions and creative permissions, I use both natural light and full studio lighting on location.

I have a fairly reasonable availability for TFP/CD shoots if we can arrange something with my rather hectic existing schedule. Otherwise, I have exceptionally reasonable rates. Let me know what you are looking for, and we can probably work something out that will leave us both more creatively advanced. I always have locations and ideas in mind that I would like to shoot with the right individual. Keep in mind that photography is my profession along with my passion. I love what I do, but I also use it to pay my bills. I am more than willing to pay models when I have commercial shoots available, and I am happy to write a release providing you with pay on the back end for any spec shoots that are picked up, but I cannot justify paying every model I would like to have in my portfolio just for the pleasure of having them in my portfolio. Neither my cameras nor my lighting gear are free, and I simply cannot sacrifice new gear (or my bills) just to shoot you. I am always willing to entertain TFP/CD/Shiny Objects, and I am more than happy to cover reasonable expenses.



11 Feb 13 16:00
Hiii, Let's shoot! :) I want to get together and talk with you about a project too. Thank you! :)
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