About Me

GMB: Director Of Photography/ Musician / On-line Editor / Photo Retouch artist.

A raw shot is just that, a raw shot. No classic photo or portrait is complete without photo retouch and art design, which takes time and money. I don't shoot and hand out raw images unless it is a paid assignment. Most models can't view them anyway (I only shoot in Raw format) and it's a waste of my time to download inferior images unless it's called for in the contract. The art is not in the shot alone.

To be clear on the whole paid vs. TPCD thing--I don't ask models I contact to pay me for shoots that are strictly for their portfolio. If one of us was profiting off of the images, then the other party should be compensated, but as for getting shots for the portfolio~if I contact you we'll build some great images that will get us both paid work from clients! A smart model should avoid, paid testing here tends to be nude offers, or a GWC

You can spend years shooting with wannabe's or work with a professional at a reasonable rate who will cut to the chase, giving you results and the confidence lost from working with posers.

Note: I don't work with bodyguards / girlfriends / or posing managers while I shoot... for one reason. Too many thieves in this world, trying to recoup the cost of the session. My reputation and references speak for me... if that's an issue find another photographer who knows how to light, shoot and retouch.

TPCD on a very limited basis no rescheduling based on cancellations.


Director Of Photography & On-Line editor for Film a HD Movies.
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