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About Me

I am a published freelance photographer from NY. I've shot a calendar for charity (Hurricane Katrina Relief), been published in both magazines and newspapers, shot professional sporting events, and have shot at Fashion Week in NYC. I am always looking to expand my horizons and try something new.

What I need are open minded models who are willing to bring both their beauty and their personality to a shoot. I want each photo to capture something about a person and not just be a record of their beauty. Personally I prefer most of my work to be of natural beauty whether it's an emotion that is conveyed or subtle sexiness of a certain smile or gaze. I guess you can say I'm a minimalist with grandiose visions.

I respect the people I work with and except the same respect and decency in return. I am here to collaborate and create images with models, MUAs, and designers/stylists. I've never failed to make a shoot fun for both everyone involved and myself. You have to show up for it to happen.

Do you want a photographer who does the same one shot for every model? In the same basement, same stairway, same torn wet shirt or do you want a photographer who is capable of more than one look look, one style, and will create an image with you that is all your own. I see too many models working with the same one trick ponies here and afraid to try something new. I enjoy growing and evolving and I want to working with models who feel the same.

Looking for paid work but will always consider TF* if its mutually beneficial.

Currently seeking female models who would be comfortable with various forms of creative/artistic nude work. If this applies to you please let me know upfront.