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I've been an advanced amateur photographer for many years. Yes ~ photographer ~not digital imager. I still believe in shooting silver based film for the truest and purist results! My gear consists of a medium format camera and small digital camera. Lately I've been doing a great deal of black and white photographs. The small digital is used for "quick proofs" while creating art with the Hasselblad. I am working on creating photographs along the lines of those done by Edward Weston in the 1930's ~ very classic and powerful. Are you interested in sharing the energy and creativity to accomplish this? My rates are reasonable ~ the quality of images fantastic! I'll consider doing TFP/TFCD. I look forward to hearing from you soon. As a note on my images ~ they are all scanned from film and have not been retouched or photo shopped! In other words these are all full frame ~ raw images!


Ah! They are awesome!!!!! The quality is better than any other pictures i dont have much time to soon i can i will put them on my port as well!!!


Dennis. . . your work is just incredible! It was amazing shooting with you! You transform places into the magical, mystical realm.

Francis Eventide

Silvershooter, MM # 8347, is a phenomenal photographer; he blends landscape and humanity seamlessly into an intricate B & W web.

Francis Eventide

Thanks for the amazing images! There will be more in our future!



What do you want me to say?? There is no word to express how wonderfull they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0

MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me come back down on earth before writing more ;p !!!

Christelle #356929


if those are merely the digis, whooo...the hassels are going to be f***ing fantastic!

you are a master.

Fiore #1756050