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My name is Devin Velazquez, I am a graduate of Full Sail University's Film Production Bachelor's program. I am a seasoned for being so young, most of my experience coming in my 3 years living in Orlando attenting Film School. I'm a relatively new photographer which I picked up more of since I came back to Mississippi after graduating. I am working my way to getting out to Los Angeles by late 2010 to get back on track with my filmmaking career. I believe its the bumps in the road of life that form your character and I've had that now and am better for working through it. Its hard not being on set everyday but my photography has kept me sharp and gives me new vision that I will transfer to my video work! I'm always looking to push myself further with my camera work and storytelling both through motion and still imagery. I am currently building my professional photography portfolio working with both experienced and inexperienced models. I did set photography whenever I could and also collaborated on many photo shoots but I am now bringing my own visions to frame.

I have 3 feature films, 26 music videos and 8 short films as well as over 30 commercials and a few documentaries under my belt as a director, camera operator, or producer as well as some as a grip and electric and dolly grip. I also write and create concepts for most of my video work history. Any models, wardrobe, make-up artists, and other photographers who would like to help me develop my portfolio and maybe learn the ins and outs of video production on projects I have in the works, please don't hesitate to contact me preferably via email or my Model Mayhem inbox or tags. When discussing any specifics please use only my email or inbox.

Looking forward to working with ALL of you that become my contacts and will ultimately become my friends and colleagues when we work together.

Currently I am doing select TFCD work, but complexity plays a role in what i'll charge. Don't be afraid to ask, especially up and coming/new models that need your ports built up! I've been around the entertainment game awhile so i know how it is...i remember doing LOTS of free film work before i started making the good money so please don't hesitate. Contact me via message on here for rates and concept ideas and dates of availability. I encourage models to bring an escort to shoots with them always (on any shoot they do) Its more for dual liability protection, just make sure that whoever you bring won't interfere with the creative process unless called upon) (I am actually the regular escort for two of the models I've worked with and are good friends of mine for shoots they do with other photographers) I provide references from models i've worked with if you require them.

When you get your disk, I include all Raw format images from the shoot to the model with the exception of bad shots (out of focus, weird blink etc.) my stipulation for this is that any photos used that i did not specifically retouch, that is posted anywhere, that credit is given via my logo i will provide. I will provide 5 retouched images of each look shot as a base. If I feel more than that are deserving and spectacular enough to be in the collection, I will go beyond that number...I will not sacrifice quality to keep to a certain number. (that would be selfish right?!) Anything posted should have my logo/signature on it and some form of written credit.


TF, TFP, TFCD Shoots
--These will be done in spare time and can be of my choosing or a collective collaboration of all involved on a case by case basis.

All my shoots are done on location or outdoors.

***Models Note: you will need a raw image conversion program to view Raw images, since this is the format most photographers shoot in, it would behoove you to have one. Photoshop is one such program. Otherwise you will not be able to view or use the photos and I do not give out JPEG format. Raw is given so that if you choose an outside party to retouch the photos they can do so without quality loss to the image!**



03 Aug 10 22:06
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
02 Aug 10 11:26
Welcome to iStudio!
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