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To present me and my work, I always say that I 'm a black and white photographer. And I add that I still use negative films. These two "details" are important because they characterised all my work. My model photography can be classified as "artistic" even if prefer to speak about fashion and glamour. Most of my work is done to prepare exhibitions and I work with art galleries.
I 'm based in Brussel, Belgium but travel to Madeira , Portugal where I lived two years.
I' 've been strongly influenced by the works of Helmut Newton, Jean Loup Sieff and Jean François Jonvelle.
The first quality (for me) of a model is her character: it must be strong. I really love models that can bring and leave something of her in the photo. The second is her eyes. Not the colour but the way she can play with. They must captivate me.
Most of the time I initiate the job: first I have an idea, I dream a photography. So I try to find the perfect model that can play the character of the picture. And to finish I contact shops, stylists or other people for having the clothings, the lingeries, the locations I need to concretize my dream.
Sometimes I 'm also contacted by models who want to work with me. In this case I try to find an original idea for them.
So if you want to know more about me, the best is to visit my web site and especially my biography page, if you want more details about my life.

About my languages: French, Portugais and Englisch.
French is my basic language. English has been for a long while the second one, but now it is Portuguais. I also understand and read Spanish and I can understand a few words of German and Deutsch. And when I do not understand there 's a trick, called "Babelfish", usefull even if sometimes the tranlations are foolish

also try my profile on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?src=ff … ef=profile and my professionnal page: http://www.facebook.com/business/dashbo … 208?v=info



17 Apr 14 22:49
Fantastic port!
28 Feb 11 07:19
Thank for FR and comment. I find your work very sensational and inspiring. Beautifull work. Ina
25 Feb 11 05:14
Awesome you do them all in black and white!
17 Feb 11 20:19
Outstanding images! Have a great day.
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