About Me

I strive to ensure that my portraits on canvas or fine art archival papers in both oil and pastel styles represent the finest quality in traditional and modern portraiture.

Born a stone’s throw from New Orleans, I began working for newspapers and magazines at an early age, primarily as a writer, cartoonist and photo-journalist.

Years later, my creative drive brought me to California and the computer industry, experimenting with digital art and 3D animation. During this period, I became inspired by the fantasy styles of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, as well as the stark realism of portrait artists like Max Ginsburg and Pino Danei.

My return to painting was driven by his sheer love for creation and the stress relief such endeavors bring, but eventually this stress relief project took on a life of its own.

Today, I get a number of private commissions, but I am interested in extending my porfolio to show more public—and more artistic—examples.




12 Apr 10 17:58
inspirational portfolio!
09 Nov 09 23:10
your work is outstanding!!!! thanks for the tag!
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