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I am a professional photographer specializing in on location photography. My work includes events, weddings, product, portraits, senior portraits, and model portfolios. I started out doing landscape and scenic work in 1995 while in high school, and have progressed from there. I enjoy incorporating beautiful landscape backgrounds into my portrait shots, although I have the ability to do studio style shots at any location. All my equipment is wireless and allows me to shoot in any atmosphere indoors or out. I feel my pricing is very reasonable in today's economy and look forward to working with you. Our "Focus" is always on you!
I enjoy working with models who are creative and include input, or up and coming talent looking for help building a new portfolio. I like getting the right shot but I still like for the client and myself to have an enjoyable time while were creating our shots. Thanks for your time and consideration in advance and I hope to shoot with you soon!

Joe Esquibel



Let me know if your interested in shooting anytime around my schedule, if I get a response I will add it below the dates for a tentative schedule. Once everything is set I will add a specific date.


Danielle Damron MM#792771
Kill It Clothing
Tiffanye Smith MM#684470
Jessica Perry MM#804987
www.cagesidemma.com(Print Ad)
Bryan "The Beast" Baker(MMA Fighter)
Team Wildman
The Aqua Lounge
Nippie Stickies Brand Pasties
Ocean Cosmetics Surgery
Pimpit Clothing
Michelle Walton MM#1296890
Evolpuss MM#1085523
Oodie MM#1081245
Chelsea Smile MM#1510187
Morgan Mishelle MM#1466804
Ashlynn MM#1269330
Patty Steffensen MM#1346061
Breana R MM#1315896
Jennifer Green MM#2187908


12 Dec 11 22:20
I will be home (in VA) for the holidays, yes! Are you going to be in VA? I plan to move out to LA but not for another year, I have to figure out all my college stuff, but I'd like to work with you at some point! Thank you! -Jennifer
27 Jul 11 18:12
Wow thank you for the nice photo comment!! Love your work ;)
13 Jun 11 22:37
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