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About Me

Just as a heads up: Right now I'm currently in a state of "semi-retired"/downtime until I can get some things straightened up in life, and reaquire equipment that I would be proud to take photos with. I will not fall to what I believe GWC level would become. For this, I am right now only taking special request assignments on a case by case basis, so that I can make the needed calls to get my hands on equipment as it is needed. This will hopefully all be resolved by Spring 2013, and things will be up and running again as normal. I have SO many wonderful friends, and some I would consider family, that I have made through both MM, and the modeling community in general. Thank you for your caring, and right now mostly your patience, as I try to get everything back to where it needs to be, both as a person, as a business operator.

A quick Note about my LIST: This is a collection of people I have come to meet on here, and either photographs that have blown me away, people that I think others should want to work with, be it model or photographer, or an idea I would love to do.



16 Jan 14 13:49
Welcome to iStudio. Beautiful port! Best of luck to you :)
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