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About Me

If you really interested in working with me. The best way is to send a personal massage and let me know directly. Remarking so in pic comments or TAGs will be often overlooked.

Also if you want to work with me you will have to come here. To explain it simply. My work utilizes considerable number of lights (up to 8), plus stands, grips and modifiers. The cost to travel with this is too much involving the purchase of flight cases. Me trying to lug all this around by myself is laughable.

Attention talented wardrobe/clothing designers and stylist. I love to try and make my photography unique. Having unique wardrobe is certainly a benefit. If any designers and stylist would like to contribute to upcoming shoots in exchange for use of the final image(s) please feel free to contact me in regards to collaborating.

Upcoming shoots
September 24, Elizabeth French
October 2, Laura Harrell
October 10, Kari G
Late october date TBD, Pink Pirate
November 13, Mena
November 3-6, CiJi


I'm a photographer based out of Salisbury NC. Salisbury is 30 miles outside of Charlotte, NC. My primary focus on Model Mayhem is to network with models, MUA’s, designers and stylists.

Paid work and TFP:
My primary focus is on paid work which will takes priority over any type of TFP considerations. While this implies that I am open to TFP, it is very selective whom I’ll work with in these regards. I'm only going to consider models that I strongly believe will help my portfolio or increase my exposure. Having experience, a well put together portfolio, a specific look that fits into a idea I have, publishing credits....are all things I look for when proposed with a TFP collaboration.

Rates are based on estimated time and complexity of the shoot. Time is calculated for both shooting and post work. Obviously the more complex the shoot the more time it will take to complete. Being descriptive regarding the look your going for will help me in figuring a price. If your idea will involve considerable time in photoshop or set building, prop gathering and location scouting etc. It will cost ya.

To book a shoot and secure the date requires a non-refundable deposit of $50. This will go toward your shoot cost. This fee generally has ensured that the model shows up. You can reschedule your date upto the week prior to the initial date should something come up. Point is to limit the flaking of models who do not give prompt notice or notice at all and potentially cost potential paid work.

I use considerable amounts of lighting, grip and studio gear for my shoots. This limits my ability to travel via plane for a shoot. Though I really never expect this situation to happen. If you want me to come to you to shoot then expenses regarding travel, lodging and equipment rental would be required. For shoots that are in driving distance then gas and lodging expenses are expected to be covered unless it is a short drive then just gas will be factored into the rate.

Generally I only retouch my own images. However I have been getting more and more messages asking if I offer retouch services. My rate for retouch is $50 per hour. Models will need permission from the photographers. I would prefer the RAW file as opposed to a jpg. I do pre post work tweaks in Lightroom and RAW provides more latitude for color and exposure adjustments than a jpg file. Also the quality of the retouch is only as good as the quality of the image to start with.

Prompt Communication:
Initial communication to arrange a shoot by messaging is fine. After that though I will exchange my number to discuss details. It’s faster, immediate and allows for more detailed feedback. The quality of the shoot depends on being prepared. I stay busy and don’t always have available time to articulate detailed messages that take an hour to type when I could say it all and more in 10 minutes. It’s just more efficient. Also when models tend to fall off from being prompt about communication it raises the “flake” red flag and may give reasonable cause to cancel the shoot.

Turn around on images:
Typically you want the one best shot from any shoot for your portfolio. I will retouch the clients choice of best shot as well as what I feel is the best shot. Both images will be given to the client. The sooner the client makes their choice the edit will be done and returned within a day on most accounts. Additional edits request are subject to retouch costs or if the shoot just kicked so much ass I will probably edit more for the hell of it. If it is TFP then I edit the few shots I feel are the strongest. You most likely will see my retouch later the day of the shoot if not the next day. I enjoy the retouch process so I’m pretty eager to get started once a shoot is complete. Ask the models I’ve worked with. They will let you know how soon images were returned.

Thing you should know.
I do all my own retouching. I do not accept requests from other retouchers, wizards or digital artists. I also don't allow permission to anyone to retouch my work.
I do not participate in shootouts.
I do not offer tutorials, how-to videos or any sort of instructions regarding what and how I do my thing. I suggest patience and practice to those who ask.
For those who track me down on my facebook. If I don’t know you personally I won’t add you. I’m a pretty private person.
I get a lot of email/PM’s. I can’t respond to everyone. Follow up catty emails due to my not responding will probably get you blocked. I hate drama.
I’m more interested in finding collaborators than I am comment whoring.

Since I have received too many emails about what gear I use and editing setup/software. Here is a rundown.
Nikon D700
14-35mm 2.8
28-70mm 2.8 (My primary shooting lens)
85mm 1.4
I use Alien Bee 1600’s. I have 6 of them and a good assortment of softbox sizes, grid, stands, scrims etc. Always adding to the arsenal.
17” Mac Book Pro connected to the 24” LED Display
Photoshop CS
Lightroom 2

Where else you can find me: … y-silvers/ … -creative/ … 3995433643


I've worked with alot of MM'ers. Once I get them added I'll list them.

Dominique DiCaprio #95057
Heather Doss #1721447
Bex #1832896
Gordana Ban #747101
Emy Paige #778983
Kriss #162656
Emily Addison #240590
Deanna Marie #748891
Krysta Kaos #619160
Notorious Ang #675616
Miss Voodoo Valentine #1331924
Alanna H #571855
Cindy Holiday #429277
MinDeliciousXO #763088
Kristy Ann #632357
Mallory Clark #397994
Ashley Jehlik iP #856647
Baronessa K #1526446
Nicole Moser #508536
Jocelyn Marquise #1484422
Francesca Frigo #1107053
Christine Renee #526434
Kelly Eden #876719
Chrissy Inky #1321076
Crystal Marie Holmes #855038
Brittany Jeanne #837438
Stevie Shotwell #1266409
Melissa Stanley #905290
Amber Nation #893823
Shanna Lovette #1006322
Holly Parker #711754
LoveKate #1183867
clsibel #187112
Kari G #1177760
Su Jung Cho #2764
Mianna Nichole #896648
Ms J Cline #576170
Ereka Marcelino #774135
Nadira S #894982
Addison Carter #1075217
Melissa Paige #676034
Kemper S #1051148
Maegen Lindsey #598977
Violet Rose #709850
Meghan Grace #718696
Alexa Kowalski #840084
Sara Frances #361576
NNKV #662911
Alessia Andrade #275611
Tara Rava #1883
Lisa Conner #808961
Crystal Jones #237948
Michelle Marie Fairplay #712071
Nikki #662911
Jenny Lynn #824369
Natalia #693418
Asumi #642108
Lindsay Kaye #631356
AmandaRae #312034
Victoria Virgen #618788
Tiffany A Jackson #615445
Jenn Ryan #105382
Katie Schmidt #690215
Kelli Vicious #683033
Kristen Adair #533608
Katharine Payne #166032
Julie Newton MM#701331
Amanda Rae MM#312034
Serena MM#698178
Lilly MM#705740
Kristen Adair MM#533608
Roben MM #467281
dzgirl MM #80477
Sarah Staley MM #518656
Asumi MM #642108
Selia D Carmichael MM #450898
Sable Lee MM#480409
Elsa MM#137407
Roxanne Ryzen MM#428418
Erin O'Keefe MM#118880
Lindsey Marie MM#54149
C Harvey MM##73035
Ashley Ryan MM#271936
Sin MM#10362
Heather Buck MM# 390271
Robin Shannon MM# 444598
Ruby Eileen MM# 328308
Genevieve Rachel MM#368332
Jess MM#432596

MUA's I work with exclusively:
Christine Geiger #1073637
Haya Qureshi #1273926
Next Level Makeup #1661314
Kymm #1570277
ELizabeth Tolley ##619160

Clothing Designers:
Hoss International #1411623
Toxic Vision Clothing #1065495
Vicious Dolls #491115

Dark Beauty
The South Magazine
Retro Lovely
The Modern Pinup (Book)
Maxim Espanol
Haute Living
JPG Magazine
Easy Rider
The Hippo


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