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About Me

I have been taking photographs for quite a while now. I used to take mostly landscape, recently doing fashion photography. Since I have a little different background I think my pictures looks a little different then in-studio high fashion highly Photoshoped pictures, of course in a good way. I love shooting in natural light and try to keep the Photoshop to a minimal level.

I like working WITH the model. I share my ideas with my models and I listen to their’s. I think its team work to get great shoots.

On a quick note I’d like to say that I don’t believe much in using back drop. I think it kills the creative level and cuts down a lot of the options. If you don’t believe me try to count how many pictures have a backdrop that you love. Most probably not too many.

I'm hoping to get to know the industry a little better, get to know some people in the industry. If my profile interests you in anyway and you'd like to work with me, let me know.

For now I’m trying to keep the TF* to minimal unless it's a really interesting project. If you are a model starting your career I offer really affordable prices. Contact me for details.

msn: porsche.911.gt@hotmail.com
email: ah_maruf@yahoo.ca