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About Me

I am a photographer in Shoemakersville, PA, looking to help models expand their portfolios and build up my business. I do fashion, casual, swimwear,lingerie and nude shoots plus I work with alternative lifestyle models. My photography is a creative passion that burns inside my heart, if I have not made you stop, look, and think about my work then I have not done my job. All of my work is done to draw emotion from it's audience. I do not make a living from my photography so most of my work in TF*.
Contact me anytime if you have a project in mind, or you want to be part of my projects that I have on going. Always looking for fresh new faces to show off my talent and I love to help models expand their portfolio. I work with models with no experience to very experienced and enjoy every shoot. If you are a minor and would like to work with me I will respect your age and only ask you to do age appropriate work.
This is like a drug we seek it out and reach for more as we curse the drive to want it. But you know there is nothing more in my heart then the pure desire of creating something new, fresh and exciting...sometimes just to say I did it.
Even as frustrated as I get at all of this, I have taken on a new and exciting look to it all, moving forward creating more, seeking out just what I want and taking nothing less. You can not fail unless you try to succeed.I am on the top of the world....just look at these


Published in: Photography Laureates Best Of 2008 Photography
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Worked with:
Melissa MM#1292449
J2Wild MM#1334935
Hillary MM#1296690
Ashley MM#1246381
Renee Laura MM#1073754
Nicole Baker MM#1286799
Marie Ashley MM#1253046
Heather MM#1198569
Milady Christie MM# 1186672
Ginelle MM#1176385
John MM#1015606
Amanda Emily MM#1015791
Devon MM#1097555
Tamara MM#1124377
Judy MM #69497
Pandora Rose MM#1057627
Addie MM#846856
Kate MM#861400
Ellen MM#848373
Natasha Roy MM#858351
Tosha MM#109292
Kathryn MM#870857
Jassabella MM#737380
Charlie MM#808577
Ana Christa MM#804967
Rachel MM#833740
Alexandra MM#708021
Stormy Amaretto #870857