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If you are an exceptional model and have some great ideas, professionalism and meet agency standards, or if I have a project I am working I will only then consider trade work. Otherwise, I have bills just like everyone else. Being professional is everything! I am here for the business side, not to get involved with the bitchyness of the fashion industry. With that said, if you're a diva/entitled type, you can just keep browsing. Thanks. If you happen to like my work, I appreciated the feedback. If you FR me, then I'll assume you have an interest in working with me. This isn't for social networking, so please don't add me for another one up on your profile. If I add you, then there's something in your look that I like, and may ask to collaborate at some point.

If a model/team member cancels or is unreliable, then I will not work with this individual again. I cannot afford unreliability on shoots when it takes a long time to organize them.

When contacting me, please be clear as to:
Your concept
Your interests
Whether you can do your own hair, make up and wardrobe

Everyone I work with will be asked to sign a release. If you have an issue with this, then we shouldn't work together. Last, my images are not allowed to be edited by you, or anyone else for that matter. Let's show everyone we work with that professionalism and respect here! What is there not to get regarding this? Models that are reliable will be recommended.Oh, and 18+ only.



Some things you should know:
I am mostly a location shooter. I do not have my own studio, however I make it work and am always scoping out new indoor/outdoor locations.
If you contact me for trade, don't leave it all on me. It's an equal collaboration, and I expect some input from you as well. Honestly, it's annoying when someone contacts me with interest to shoot, and then suddenly don't have an opinion of their own.
In regard to photo shoots...I get bored easily unless you bring some type of personality. Anyone can stand in front of a lens, but if all you have is one face, I'm not interested. If you tell me you have what it takes and the experience to back it up, then bring it!
If we shoot, I spend a decent amount of time editing. I do not want to see any more of my images on the internet edited by anyone else. It has been overwhelming in the past year, and I will no longer stand for it. I have an attorney, I register my work...so don't cross me. I'm not trying to sound like a big a**hole, but it needs to be said before you contact me.
If we shoot for trade, you'll get your images in a timely manner. Ask any model I have shot with. With that said, please do not harass me for images the day we shoot. You didn't pay me, so I will not be put a time limit on the time it takes me.
1 escort is fine to bring on shoots IF they are not distracting. Please do let me know though. If there is any distraction, I will end the shoot, bottom line. You should be a professional, and if your escort doesn't support that, then I'd consider not bringing them.
If we schedule a shoot, I expect to have some kind of confirmation the day before. If you're serious about the work you do, then you're on top of things and not "forgetting" you double booked or had something else planned. Tip? Keep your calendar out when you're scheduling your shoots.

I acknowledge that most people don't want to spend the time and read what's really on our portfolios here, but some things need to be put out there. I've learned a lot, and have been faced with some hard challenges. Through my experience, I learned what I will and will not tolerate and feel that knowing some facts about working with me, just may save us some time.


Models and others I have worked with:

Andrew W-MM#711695
Miss Maki-MM#414928
Mika-Non MM member
Ashley-Non MM member
Aeon Android-MM#405196
Leandra-MM#686503 (x2)
Jongi-Model,Emcee (Non MM member)(x3)
Toni (Non MM)
Klep (Non MM)(x4)
Various Artists-The Source Mag unsigned Hype Tour
B.E.T.'s GDash
All The Kings Men Performance Troupe
DJ Sha-boo
LA (Non MM)
Emily Amber MM#681639 (x4)
Kendra Nicole MM#773099
Julia B (Non MM)
Shellsbells MM#730412 x2
Bettysioux Tailor (Non MM) (x2)
Adriu MM#786159
Seth.G. (Non MM)
Krysta MM#687901 x2
D.angr (Non MM)
BarbeeInc. MM#745929
Califf MM#723881 (x2)
OneShot, Hip Hop Artist
mksbella MM#734001
Leo N (non MM member)
Carly MM#705072
Danielle MM#689932
Ivania Nicole MM#777171 (x2)
Mary Dolan Presents....
Haz MM#485136
Squad 19
Rose MM#470961
Therese (non MM)
Val (non MM)
Lady Hua MM#418917
Patricia MM#724217
Jaime Levine (non MM)
Katie MM#827353
Ilanos MM#1164676
First In Flight-Rap/Hip Hop

Eye Candy, Jessica Paul (x12)
Lay MM#690818

Clothing Designers:
Nyndia MM#733475
Bettysioux Clothing

Jeni MM#812050 (x2)
Looks by Crystal MM#622812
Sarala MM#1147636

9/18 Model Alea & Designer Miss Noxy
9/19 NH Wedding Shoot
9/25-9/27 Wedding Shoot
9/26 Shooting Dmx,Jeremiah, & Championz! Yeahhh!
11/7 Designer Nyndia, & Model


13 Nov 09 07:41
Great port would luv to work with you sometime soon.
24 Sep 09 16:00
LOVE your work! Check out my port. If you ever need a female model for any shoots PLEASE let me know! I'm ALWAYS available!(I also have more photos that aren't posted on mayhem) Thanks :) Hope to hear from you!
17 Sep 09 20:47
thanks for the add...you have a really nice port
14 Sep 09 18:58
Welcome! Nice images!
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