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Rundio - Colorblinded mm #1271254

About Me

I have been involved in the photgraphic industry for over thirty years. I began with 35mm but quickly moved up to 6x6 medium format. With only 12 or 24 images on a roll, no zoom or motor drive and certainly no Photoshop one learns to previsualize the lighting and pose before clicking the shutter. I still continue to work in that mode of getting it right in the camera. Most of my images have little or no "post" prodiction except for the obvious black-and-white or film grain that you cannot get with digital.

My previous work has been artistic nudes and boudoir photography inspired by Robert Farber, George Hester and others. While the art nude is my first love, I am open to any form of creative work from body paint to portraiture.

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10 Jun 14 00:45
Great work!
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