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My name is Jenifer Vanderhors and I've worked for "THE BEST" cosmetic lines in the Industry MAC cosmetics, Estee Lauder, Prescriptives and Origins. Color, couture, fresh, forward and clean are the words that comes to mind when I think of my make-up artistry. I want to be the number one thought in the minds of all when a make-up artist is needed. I believe that make-up is art, and art is me. Contact me at 843-557-9437 or jenifervanderhorst@yahoo.com and allow my art to speak for my talent and skill

I am interested in working with people in the industry.Im always looking for creative and innovative photographers, models, and artist to team up with to do some mind blowing productions. If your serious about your artistry, professional, and want to work with me, please veiw my portfolio and contact me.

I would like to do more couture, editorial, and fantasy make-up artistry. If this is something that your interested in please veiw my work, and feel free to leave comments about it allowing me to know what you think. If these styles of make-up are somehing that you're looking for please contact me. I will and can do other styles of make-up if needed.

Thank you to all the veiwers that have left e-mails and comments about my artistry. I greatly appreciate your thoughts and comments.

To all of my MM friends that I have done work with I will be relocating to Atlanta GA.
Hopefully we can keep in touch and do some things in the future.



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