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Hi, I discovered this site and figured I'd post up some of my stuff to get some feedback or just hang out and check out all you talented people.

I feel like I should give a boring run down of my background. I Went to the College for Creative Studies back when it was the Center for Creative Studies. I majored in Illustration and started working right out of school as an apprentice at Skidmore inc., a Detroit art studio. I learned more in 1 year as an apprentice than I did in 4+years in art school. The pay was shit and the hours were horrible but it was an awesome learning experience and I got to sit and sponge info and advice/critiques from some truly great artists. I was invited to learn retouching by an old bleach/dye-retoucher who embraced the computer and wanted me to join the retouching deptartment. So, in 1990 I started retouching on a Kodak Premier, then Quantel PaintBox, an SGI/Barco system and now I use PS4 and Corel Painter on a Mac.

So, I make my living as a digital artist and retoucher. I always try to draw and paint as much as I can... that is my real passion. I never seem to have as much time as I'd like though (who does?). I've always been inspired by classic figure painters and illustrators like John Singer Sargent, Robert McGinnis, Gil Elvgrin and Malcolm T. Liepke to name a few. I've recently been influenced by some contemporary illustrators like Ragnar, Ashley Wood, Dave Malan to name a few...again. I'd like to think being an artist/illustartor helps me do better work as a retoucher and photographer.

My goals are to get back into painting more, hopefully with the help of some of the fine models, photographers and artists here. I'm always willing to do a TFP-type thing using some willing members material. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have an image or concept that you'd like to see executed differently...be it painted, drawn, retouched effects etc.

Just so you know... I don't collect friends. If I've sent a FR or left a comment it's because I like your work and/or would like to work together. Don't feel obligated to reciprocate, unless you like my work too.

Oh yeah, one more thing...any fans of the band Tool are an automatic friend!



A partial client list:
Leo Burnett, Detroit
Team Detroit, (JWThompson, Y&R, Ogilvy)
Lincoln Mercury


28 Jul 10 21:09
Hello, Was just looking thru your work, very good!!! Wish we lived a lil closer. Ash
18 Jul 10 20:05
It would be but iStudio wants ONLY vertical pics as avatars...so silly...why???
08 Jul 10 15:51
hot RENE
21 May 10 13:02
Many thanks for your FR! Please visit my gallery!
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