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Like the name of my company C.E.E not only represents my initials, but it's also pronounced like you see it. To 'cee' or see. That is what a photographer does, but we take it one step further and capture it on film.

Right now I am mostly doing SELECT tfcd and tfp shoots to increase my portfolio. I normally have crazy off the wall ideas and hopefully that will be appealing to a person. However, if you have a concept you would like to shoot, and you like my style, please let me know! If it's something that floats my boat I'll jump on board immediately.

Please keep in mind, that if I don't respond back to you it's not because I dislike you. I am trying to be more selective about who I am shooting with.

It's vitally important to note, that unless I've shot with you before, if you are below 5'7'' it is more than likely that I will send you my rates unless you are agency standard structurally and photograph tall. It's not anything against you, but I now have to meet certain requirements in my photographs for publication reasons.

If your gallery mostly consists of glamor work, you WILL get my rates as I do not do glamor work TF.

However, I am ALWAYS taking paid work. So if you want to pay for me to do your glamor photos I will do that for you. Message me for sure, my rates are generally pretty reasonable.

Just as well though, don't expect me to create ideas for you on the fly. My shoots usually take a ton of work on my part because of the many props/wigs/costumes/make-up/etc... I have to get for them. And I usually have to get them myself.

On that note, I'm usually the stylist for my shoots AND I am the make-up artist. Most of the work you see in my portfolio make-up wise I've done myself.

For some odd reason ModelMayhem kills the quality and sharpness of my photos... so if you want to see the better results of everything please visit:





Sara Longoria
Jihye Kim
Veronica Gaskey
Angel the Model
Candice Spivey
Victoria Grimm
Kadiva Alcorta
Geni Howard
Dominique Babineaux
Ellie Willis
Jenny Lectron
Autumn Verkaik
Marie Ericsson
Adrian Kirtley
Nicole K
Christina Coker
D. W. Chase
Kat E. V. Day
Leighton W.
Laura Galore
Kristi Bonnet
Zach Holland
Rossi Saenz
Jenna Clay
Roel Manuel
Jenna Von Filth
David R. Schulze
Jennifer Roe
Amara Nyugen
Johnson Kenney



The Kat's Meow
Laura Varela
Mandi Gallegos(Mikailee Alton)
Urban Lace


Make-up Artists:

Ashley Renee Green
Jonathan Moreno
Fabian Alejandro Diaz
Monica Estrada Saldana



Jonathan Moreno
Angelica Sandoval(Geisha Inc.)



Dominic Alonzo
Johnny Serafin
Leticia Gomez
Fabian Alejandro Diaz



Beau Nu Magazine(Front Cover) August 2013 http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/600439


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