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D.Francis CEO/Publisher Nine5Four The Magazine wrote:br"Patience + Determination + Resilience + Persistence + Sacrifice + Temperance + Focus + Dignity + Fortitude + Endurance + Strength + Pride + Honor = Our Success but means NOTHING without YOU!"  
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Nine5Four The Magazine (954 Magazine as some call it) is an innovative, talent breaking Magazine that puts underground, independent and mainstream talent in the spotlight.

So much misunderstanding is derived from the name Nine5Four as many feel we, because of our name, represent a single county or city, but the truth of the matter is, Nine5Four represents talent period. Hands Down we are the Premiere source for all types of music, models, comedians, athletes and actors/actresses that touches both the underground, independent and mainstream talent of today.

Nine5Four The Magazine, It's NOT where we live, It's HOW we live.

NINE5FOUR The Magazine is always looking for fresh Models (male and female), Musical artists, Photographers, Make up Artists, Fashion Designers, interesting people, and small business owners from all around the world to feature collaborate with etc..

If you have an interesting story or idea let us know and we can discuss the details.

Thanks for all of your support!