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I'm sure that I depress the shutter button on my camera in much the same way as most photographers. I'd like to believe that the experience, care, and attention to detail invested before and after I press it is what sets me apart from the others.

Curious about me... see my Featured Interview in GlamModelz Magazine's April 2009 issue!


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"Friend Requests" usually are meant to show appreciation for the recipient's work or a desire to work with that person. Before leaving a "Friend Request", it is really appreciated if you would comment on a pic or message me about working together, at least creating some basis for the "friendship". Thanks!



I'm located in the spectacular San Francisco east bay area within a geography that has some of the most richly-textured beauty in northern California! My "studio" is often the entire Bay Area, so I'm always willing to travel for exceptional photographic opportunities.

I have studied photography and had it as a life passion for 25+ years, including professional work in portraiture, architectural photography, and landscape gallery images. Those who work with me will find maturity and a desire for perfection, coupled with an easy, open & creative approach. I treat people with dignity and respect. I also take my work SERIOUSLY, and expect that if we work together, you do too!

I seek to create drama and a sensual texture to my images through the selection of intriguing shooting locations, well-conceived lighting techniques, and most importantly, a mutual understanding of objectives with the model. I think the very best images "tell a story", or leave the viewer thinking... ultimately, that's my goal!

I'M DOING VERY FEW "TRADE" SHOOTS ANYMORE. PAID PROJECTS TAKE PRIORITY OVER ALL TRADE WORK. My rates are reasonable for the quality and experience I bring to each project. Each engagement is customized specifically to your needs and budgetary parameters. If you take your portfolio seriously and want quality, then let's discuss your objectives.

Trade Work (TF):

I will occassionally do Trade shoots for exceptional models where I feel that BOTH of us will benefit, and usually when I have a specific project need. Please understand, I want my work to be about creating inspirational art that catches people's attention, not just about taking "pretty" pictures. There is no harm in asking me to do a trade. Better yet, bring an interesting artistic concept to me for a shoot and your chances of winning me over for a trade are greatly enhanced!

TF is a collaborative, mutual effort between two (or more) people, each looking to gain something for their portfolio. When looking to do TF* please do not just say, "I would love to shoot with you..", then leave every single detail up to me. It is very important that we each understand what is expected of the other person, so please plan on making yourself open and available to communicate about the details of the shoot beforehand.

By the way, a signed model release is a must for ALL shoots. It's important that BOTH the model and photographer spell out their rights and responsibilities. And, just to be clear, I NEVER give a model unedited images. I care too much about the quality of my finished work to do that.

All models will receive an agreed upon set of retouched images chosen from the FULL set of proofs provided to you online via a secure website.

Please feel free to message me about your interest in collaborating on a future shoot! You'll find that I'm approachable, friendly, and very professional.

PENDING PROJECTS for which I am seeking models:

** "Maiden of the Vineyards" - set within lush local wine country with backdrops of vines, Tuscan walls, and rolling hills. Soft, inspiring settings to complement the model.

** "The Sensuous Woman" - Soft images set within highly textured environments that convey tasteful sensuality and leave the viewer thinking.

** "Lady of the Lake" - Set within a lush lake/river setting... soft, artistic images with use of the contrast between the water and the model, as well as creative use of light/reflections.

** Urban SF Twilight Shoot -- I've got lots of exciting concepts linked to this shoot that would integrate San Francisco's dramatic urban landscape with the beauty of the model -- fashion/glam styles.

** Elegant Beach Shoot -- Not your typical bikini by the water shots... rather a goal of shooting more sophisticated, elegant art complemented by the beauty of the coast line.

LOTS MORE... contact me for more info.


I believe that the most inspirational artistic work comes from a unique chemistry that is achieved between the two artists... both the photographer and the model. Understanding each other's style, tendencies, and objectives is so very important to the creation of real art.

Ultimately, I try to build a relationship of trust and respect with the models that I work with. I consider many to be new friends of mine, who I care about and want them to be successful in everything they undertake in life.

Some of the wonderful models that I've had the opportunity to collaborate with:

Linzee Joy -- #1137161
Jenna Harris -- #824627
Geneva M -- #1094773
Jamie Damn -- #555824
Bentley Loren -- #1072166
Dalyte -- #1106140
Heather Regan -- #885284
Lauren Predmore -- #1131439
Ashley Marie -- #365150
Araina -- #899220
Cera Ward -- #897994 ***
Yuri Silveyra -- #749406
Liz Brown -- #366326
Heather Madison -- #826674 ***
Lindsay Marie -- #852211
Miss Leila -- #584086
Janae Marie -- #457712 ***
Halina Miranda -- #322865
Miss Melissa -- MM#606965
Shteena --MM#743139
Trish Danieli -- MM#142021 ***
Arienne Moran - MM#700080 ***
Mishayla - MM#714547
Heather Garland - MM#164963 ***
Kailyka Timberlake - MM#340697
Victoria L. White - MM#650800
Becca P. - MM#415613 ***
Sophie Luoto - MM#630937
Tess - MM #474566
Sasha - professional model not on MM
Daniella - professional model not on MM
Luana - professional model not on MM

*** Multiple shooting sessions!


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Excellent work as always. Welcome to iStudio family!!!! Great to have you here joining us.....
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Thanks for the ad, I updated our friends list :)
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I would love to be part of your port. You do great work!
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you have a great port. Cant wait to see what you put up next!
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