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Proffesional photographer based downtown Toronto. Payed shoot only !!!

OK Here are answers to some FAQ :

*...Yes photography is what I do full time.
*...yes you have to pay if you wanna work with me.
*...I do TF but only with selected models.
*...If I'll shoot TF with you??, well give me reason why should I.
*...yes you'll get images and I don't care what you do with them, their are yours.
*...all retouching was done by me, but it doesn't mean that I'll be doing it for free for you, you get as many images as agreed prior to shoot retouched if want more have to pay for it.
*... I was born in Czechoslovakia, and my background is Slovak
*... I have been studying photography in England, and my accent is mixed
*...been doing photography since 1998 you decide if it's long or not
*...yes I was official photographer to president os Slovakia, actually last 2 presidents, and yes I have traveled a lot and seen and photographed most of the Worlds politicians, including Pope John Paul II in Vatican and G.W.Bush in White house
*...yes people ask me this questions
*...No I am not too expensive to work with
*...no I don't shoot everybody the same way, each person needs different light and different set up.
*...yes my work have been published in magazines
*...I love coffee, I am coffee freak but you can't buy me for coffee
*...I sell my vision to anybody who pays, but it's my vision

If you looking for cheep shoot don't even bother, I am serious about what I do so don't waste my time, there is a lot of others who will do TF for you, but then don't wonder why your images are not perfect!!!

Stay creative


Toronto Star


05 Feb 10 08:43
Hi there, Notify me if you are traveling to Bali. Cheers,TITA
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