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status update:

10/01 - not taking on any new TF* work...i'll honor any prior arrangements to shoot TF* but besides that i really can't afford to keep shooting for nothing. Just had to buy a new camera and i've got to make that moolah back. My rates are very reasonable.

i'm a freelance photographer/graphic and web designer/photo retoucher

currently located in Tampa, FL...not Orlando...not Miami...not Bulgaria...so please keep that in mind when contacting me

25.16 years old [someone remind me to update this]

i work out of my apartment [with the exception of the obvious cases where there's sand and water in the background]... if that's a problem for you well you might want to stop reading this now


don't pay models

feel free to contact me if you're serious about setting up a shoot....serious inquiries only please...i won't waste your time so please don't waste mine

nocturnal by nature

bright and colorful is my thing...though i do love the look of classic black and white images.

i have a strict NO Britney Spears music policy during shoots.

don't be late

don't be ridiculously early

i WILL NOT reschedule any shoots cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled start time... i've heard just about every excuse there is for why you can't make it and i feel for you...i really do, but every shoot that's canceled last minute is time i could spend doing something else...maybe even something i'd get paid for.

NO i will not follow you on twitter!!! get a life

i don't reschedule shoots if you flake...and chances are if you're a super flake [see definition below] you'll make it on my list of not recommended models.

and for those of you who weren't aware of this....the bird, bird, bird...the bird IS the word

current ongoing projects [TF*]:

Bodypaint Series
B&W Figure Study [see CW Noir profile]
Mannequin Series
Creative Portraits

Available for:

Web Content

NOT available for:
Crime scene/Caution tape shoots



Super Flake
Pronunciation: \ˈsü-pər ˈflāk\
Function: noun
Definition: a person who exhibits the characteristics of flakyness to an extreme or excessive degree, specifically models who schedule shoots and don't show the day of. They also fail to call or provide any logical or illogical explanation why they couldn't make it to a scheduled appointment and ignore calls or messages by photographer trying to figure out why they're not there yet.


Highly Recommended

Michelle Baker - MM #109445 [ 9 shoots ]
Amy [ Pretty Kitty ] - MM #355116 [6 shoots]
Adree Desanti - MM #149777 [ 4 shoots ]
Kelly Barlow - MM #887649 [4 shoots ]
Becky B - MM #210580 [ 3 shoots ]
Losehina Kingston - MM #723689 [ 3 shoots ]
Jennifer Raine - MM #488711 [ 3 shoots ]
Stevie Lynn - - MM #7117 [ 2 shoots]
Ashley [ Phoenix Beauty ] - MM #324535 [ 2 shoots ]
Danielle Harrington - MM #716500 [ 2 shoots ]
Melissa Jo Berry - MM #653916 [ 2 shoots ]
Heather Fawcett - MM #479884 [ 2 shoots ]
Stephanie R - MM #336793 [ 2 shoots ]
Sevasti - MM #249143 [ 2 shoots ]
Lexi Lombardelli - MM# 409144 [ 2 shoots ]
Mindi Smith - MM #628184 [ 2 shoots ]
Daniella Ivanovic - MM #474323 [ 2 shoots ]
Leslie Kay - MM #252197 [ 2 shoots ]
Summersin - MM #151130 [ 2 shoots ]
Rali - MM #445600 [ 2 shoots ]
Nadya305 - MM #134516 [2 shoots ]

Not Recommended

Gina Marie H - MM#1237330
MsAshleigh - MM #408280
Challis T - MM #758489
Miss Nickie - MM#96485
MiSs ChRiS - MM#849058


09 Oct 09 12:43
thanks for the fr! love your work, wish i were closer to tampa~
06 Oct 09 18:53
VIRGIN ASS... TAGGED YA FIRST hah ;P Hello Mister, good to see you here. I do be need'n some new CW over here!!
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