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About Me

I like working with models that like to share ideas. I want the model to feel a part of the shoot rather than just a pretty face. I use a minimum ammount of props, I prefer to focus on the model rather than the setting.

By looking at my port I do like working with nudes, mostly in daring situations and I especially am interested in 'natural' models. This does not mean that nudes are all I shoot. I want the models that I work with to find what works for them and then we capture it.

I have worked already worked with many great people and have gained great experience from each of them.

Although this is not my full-time job I do require some measure of professionalism during a shoot. I would prefer not having models bring escorts mostly due to a lack of space at my studio but also because of the opportunity to lose focus/conncection between the model and photographer. In spite of this I will not automatically turn down a shoot because of an escort.

I have no tolerance for Flakes! If we agree on a date and time for a shoot and you don't show up or at least contact me in a reasonable time with a reasonable excuse I will no longer work with you. Like you, my time is valuable and I have no patience for immature people. I know things happen, but when you were a kid, your dog didn't really eat your homework and your teacher knew it.

I have benefited greatly from my wife, who has been incredibly supportive in my work. She is also a successful model on her own. I mostly do pay work but I will do select tfcd work within reason. I have a small studio in my house. I am married (25 years) with 2 kids.

My website address is, my Facebook page


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